Heading over to Nutanix GTS

What could be just another sunday, might be a special one. It will be a long day with a flight to Las Vegas with a 4-hour stop in Boston. Hopefully it is worth the travel, but honestly I don’t have a doubt about that.

Why GTS? I think it is an amazing event with (almost) all the technical knowledge about the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud staying over. A lot of information will be taken from there. It was not a long thought for accepting the invitation. It was harder to convince the family at home that this is a golden opportunity.

Why Nutanix at all? Over more than 10 years ago I already recommended the Nutanix products to customers as an alternative for the existing hypervisors and storage platforms. Since then, a lot in the product has changed. However, I did not change my advice to customers. The Nutanix system still is a game changing product with a great performance, resiliency and availability. And it is also simple to manage as well.

With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, you can really go native multicloud with the major public cloud providers. More about that in a future post as the boarding process already started for the first flight of the day.

For now I would just say, keep an aye on my blog. More information coming. The world is changing rapidly and the latest VMware – Broadcom announcements only accelerate this change.






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