Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure is available

Nutanix Cloud clusters (NC2) was already available on the public cloud of Amazon AWS, and (finally) now it is available in Azure. Of course it is first available in the States, but hopefully it will arrive in Europe (and the rest of the world) pretty soon.

Why NC2?

Why should you consider extending your on premise datacenter to the public cloud instead of using native infrastructure of the public cloud provider? You can easily spin up some virtual machines in a public cloud. NC2 let you use Azure or AWS without extensive knowledge about that platforms. Of course, a little knowledge is preferred.

Tons of reasons can be written down to at least have a look at NC2. I just give a few, but you can find many more on the Nutanix website.

Manageability of your infrastructure

Extending to the cloud using NC2 will make sure that you are able to maintain your current infrastructure and your future infrastructure with the same procedures and effort. You will have a single pane of glass for managing your total infrastructure. In Prism Central, you can deploy virtual machines with the same ease as it were virtual machines in your own datacenter.

Besides that, extending your datacenter to NC2 ‘automatically’ extends your datacenter network infrastructure to the public cloud. The networks of the organization can be used in the cloud, including networking rules configured with Nutanix Flow.

Simplifying Disaster Recovery

The possibility of extending the datacenter to the public cloud simplifies the disaster recovery process. Protection policies and recovery plans that are used for on-site replication and recovery can easily be extended to the NC2 environment.

Scale-out is even easier

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform is also known about the scalability on-site. However, delivery times can be enormous, as we all already know. Extension of your cloud cluster is always a matter of minutes. You don’t have to wait weeks for receiving new nodes.

Plenty of resources and information

Interested in the technique of NC2, Nutanix has tons of great video’s posted on platforms like Youtube.

Just follow this link to Youtube



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