Nutanix gives freedom of choice in hardware

Freedom is choice. And the Nutanix platform gives plenty of choices. We already knew about the different hypervisors you could choose from, and also the different hardware vendors. Nutanix offers an addition choice. The AMD Epyc processor of the new generation is added to the portfolio.

This new generation CPU is entering the datacenter market. As the rumours are right, this processor will set a new standard and give Intel a substantial set of homework.

Besides the addition of a new processor to the portfolio, Nutanix also added a complete new node that can be fully populated with NVMe disks. A litle re-engineering of AOS was needed to make sure the Nutanix software become the bottleneck in the IO handling using all NVMe and / or Intel Optane SSD disks.

Final addition to the hardware portfolio are 4 socket systems, doubling the CPU capacity per node. Workloads like SAP Hana will run more efficiently on the Nutanix platform.



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