Nutanix .NEXT 2017 just started

Right at this moment, .NEXT conference is starting in Washington DC. .NEXT is the yearly global conference of Nutanix, the enterprise cloud company. Really thousands of enthusiastic Nutanix partners,  employees and of course customers are attending, all are waiting for some exciting new announcements of the company.

This blog is written during the opening keynote, and will be updated several times during this keynote. I am afraid it will not cover all the details of the grand opening, but that will be corrected during time.

Although I am not in Washington, you can see my notebook on the big screen at .NEXT

At this moment, around 6100 customers worldwide are using the enterprise cloud platform of Nutanix. What started as a new Hyper-converged platform, a couple of years ago, the platform is continuously innovating. Several new features like Acropolis File Services and Acropolis Block services were added. Also Nutanix started deploying their own hypervisor  AHV as a possibility instead of running just VMware or Hyper-V.

Micro segmentation, Network provisioning and service insertion were already announced during last .NEXT Europe in Vienna. It will be only a matter of minutes to start hearing what this edition of .NEXT will bring as new features and a broadened vision of Nutanix.

Introducing Calm

With the acquisition of last year, Nutanix has built in the technology in Prism. It provides automation for the on-premise Nutanix clusters, but is also including automation for the public clouds. This will be the start for converging different clouds in one platform.
Nutanix starts his own marketplace from where applications can be launched (provisioned) with a few mouse clicks in whatever cloud you want to deploy the apps. There is no need to change code when deploying an app in Google Cloud Platform, or on AHV on Nutanix.

There is also added an admin interface, where all deployed applications are shown. Also the ‘Cloud costs’  are shown in this interface.

This cross platform provisioning of apps is the future, where all apps will be hybrid apps.

Announcing partnership with Google Cloud Platform

The internet connections worldwide are getting bigger and bigger. Much more data is streamed every day. Google helps Nutanix to simplify the hybrid cloud experience. Also developers are helped to deploy the software more quickly.

The partnership provides Nutanix Calm the possibility to deploy apps in GCP. It will also provide a (complete) hybrid cloud for Kubernetes and Nutanix Xi.

The combination of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and the Google Cloud Platform offers a choice between a private and a public cloud.

Nutanix announcing Xi Cloud Services

The Xi Cloud Services are the big announcement of this years conference. Unfortunately this part will be discussed in much more detail in the second keynote on Thursday morning. Xi Cloud Services will deliver the first integrated hybrid cloud by Nutanix and Google Cloud Platform.

Well, that’s all about this opening keynote. Tomorrow, the story will continu.









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