VMware vSphere 6.5 announced!

Today, October 18th,  with VMworld in Barcelona, Spain, Vmware announced their latest release of their vSphere software.

In VMware 6.5 the focus is on simplicity, scalability and security.

While reading the Introduction Blog from Charu Chaubal, I noticed a few items, I was waiting for…

First of all, the VMware Update Manager is now part of the Virtual Center Server Appliance (VCSA). No need anymore to deploy an additional Windows vm to make sure you can manage your virtual infrastructure. It now makes more sense to deploy the appliance, rather than deploying vCenter on a Windows platform.

Second, the webclient is now HTML5 based, so the client is much quicker than the old one. The performance of the old webclient was a big problem. Vmware administrators kept using the old fat client for their management, and did not want to use the webclient. With the new webclient, Also, REST-based API’s are introduced to simplify VM management.

For security, VMware introduces VM disk-level encryption.  Also Vmotion will be encrypted, so your virtual infrastructure will be much more secure. Read more about this in the What’s new in vSphere 6.5: Security

Of course, also vSphere container integration is introduced. VMware customers will be able to transform their business, and no change to their infrastructure is needed. vSphere will be the interface between your private cloud and the private cloud.

Will be continued.






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