Commvault and AHV support

This week Commvault finally released Service Pack 3 for version 11 of their software. I was just wating for this software because finally support for AHV, the hypervisor of Nutanix Acropolis, was added to the software.

So, first thing to do was installing the software at customers site. Last week all clusters were installed and updated to the latest level. Acropolis 4.6 was installed on the nodes.

The installation of the software was straight forward. Of course you have to check the Books Online to check all system requirements, but at the end, the installation is just easy.

For installation of the Nutanix hypervisor, just a few things to remember…

  • Support is by default not visible in the Commcell Console. Do not search for it; just add the additional setting bEnableVSANutanix. Only with this setting it is possible to add a Nutanix cluster.
  • You have to install the Virtual Server Agent on a virtual machine on the Nutanix cluster. Just installation on a physical media agent will not work.
  • Last but not least; just remember just with SP3 Commvault added support for Acropolis 4.5. You will need an additional hotfix to have support for 4.6
    Without the hotfix you will see an error like “Unknown VMInfo error” in the job details. When looking into Prism, you will see that a Protection Domain is created successfully, a snapshot of the virtual machine is created and after the failure in Commvault, the snapshot is deleted correctly.








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