Acropolis; Using the Filesystem Whitelist for migrating purposes

Normally, the Nutanix containers can only be mounted to the Nutanix nodes in the cluster.
For migrating purposes it can be really helpful to mount a Nutanix container on another Nutanix or non-Nutanix host. To allow this, a filesystem whitelist has to be configured.

The whitelist can be configured at cluster level, or at container level. When configuring this at container level, all containers can be mounted on the hosts in the filesystem whitelist.
A few methods can be used to configure the whitelist.

Perhaps the most commonly known method is using the Prism interface. See the images below for the few steps to add a host to the filesystem whitelist.
Filesystem-Whitelist1 Filesystem-Whitelist2

When adding an IP address, just make sure you add the correct subnet mask.

Another method for changing the whitelist is using the commandline. Ssh into the Nutanix cluster using the Cluster IP address or one of the Controller VMs in the cluster.

Enter the ncli, and type the command.

ncli>cluster add-to-nfs-whitelist ip-subnet-masks= ‘’

After committing the command, the complete whitelist is shown in the terminal.







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